Coconut Lemon

As I’ve mentioned before, I take a lot of dessert requests. I also often bake dessert for family parties, birthdays, and holidays. A family friend’s birthday was coming up and we were having a dinner for her so I asked if there was anything specific she wanted for dessert. She told me she wanted a coconut lemon cake. She’s a fan of coconut so I saw that one coming, but I was a little thrown off by the lemon. Usually coconut is paired with lime so I asked if that’s what she meant, but she said no she wanted lemon.
She left it up to me to decide where to put what flavors, so naturally my mind automatically turned to lemon curd! I’m never going to get over the gross sounding name, but the taste is worth saying it. I decided to bake a coconut cake with a layer of lemon curd on the inside and coconut buttercream on the out, covered in coconut shavings.
The cake recipe I used called for coconut flavoring but I could not find it anywhere. I checked three stores and called two others. Nobody had any so instead I used coconut shavings. I chopped them up finely, almost to a powder-like texture. Add to taste. I did not measure mine, I just eyeballed it, but you can always taste the batter as you go.
For this cake, I made a three layer cake and cooked the layers for about 25 minutes. The buttercream recipe also called for coconut extract so I used vanilla instead, making it more of a regular buttercream than coconut. But, I added coconut shavings to that too! Thank god for coconut shavings. If you have coconut flavoring or if you can find it in the store, use it! You can always add coconut shavings along with the flavoring, it adds a really good texture.
I talk about texture a lot with my desserts, but if the texture isn’t right then it doesn’t matter how good the flavor is because it’ll all be thrown off. This cake was sweet, but not overpowering. If I had to compare desserts, I would say it’s between a chocolate cake and a fruit tart in terms of richness.
The buttercream recipe comes with a coconut cupcake recipe which you’re welcome to try, it’s just not the cake recipe I used. I trust the buttercream recipe so it’s possible that the cupcake recipe would be good as well, I’ll have to try it someday!

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